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The Ladies

Barbara Babcock  
Barbara is most men's fantasy of a mature mistress. She was already in her mid forties, when she graced the Hill with her sensual presence.

She could still to be found on People magazine's '50 most beautiful people in the world' list, in 1994.

She now live near Cork in Ireland.

Grace Gardner
Wife of Chief of Detectives Sam Gardner (deceased). Came to the Hill as the official Police decorator.

Her legendary sex sessions with Sgt. Esterhaus were treats for the imagination, but ultimately caused his demise.

Barbara Bosson  
Married to Steven Bochco 1969 - 1997.

First film Bullitt (1968).

Later nominated for an Emmy for her role as  prosecutor Miriam Grasso, in Steven's Murder One

Fay Furillo
Frank's wife and mother to his son Frank Jr. She is convinced one day, she and Frank will get back together.

When he remarries however she accepts the inevitable and becomes stronger and independent, opening many conversations with "Hey Buster!".

Megan Gallagher  
Megan was keen to become an actor when she was a child and worked hard at it, until getting the break of a guest spot on HSB. This turned into a permanent part and made her name.

In the years that followed she has had a successful career both in the moves and in television

 Officer Tina Russo

Veronica Hamel   
Not surprisingly Veronica's public career, started as a Fashion Model. Interesting her first film role in the film Klute, was also playing a model.

In the seventies she turned down a star role in Charlie's Angels, the part being later taken by  Jaclyn Smith.

 Joyce Davenport
'Good enough to eat' Public Defender Joyce, was also Furillo's girlfriend (later wife) and often adversary. She later became a prosecutor as well.

It is Joyce who smartens up her Police Captain and who is responsible for his trade mark waistcoats, or vests

Mimi Kuzyk  
Marilyn Iris Kuzyk was born in Winnipeg. deciding from am early age she wanted to be a dancer, she joined the Rusalka Folk Ensemble at the age of 15. In the eighties she made the moved to LA and after a few 'bit parts' landed the role in HSB.  

Still acting today she has appeared in Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap, Blue Murder, NCIS, L.A Law and many others 

Det. Patricia Mayo

Mayo was the partner of Harry Garibaldi and became the object of Chief Daniels affections. In all she was in some 25 episodes

Judith Hansen  
Judith is the eldest daughter of Oklahoma State University basketball coach the late Paul Hansen After many stage performances, she secured a part in  in St Elsewhere and then Moonlighting, Plus two films, Creator and Vision Quest.

In 1986 she returned to the stage and received critical acclaim for her performance as a schizophrenic mother who murders her child in the play Infanticide.

Celeste Patterson
Judith Hansen: played Khaki officer Celeste Patterson in 9 episodes She told the  News OK that "I am easy to spot on the "Hill Street set.When everyone's in the police station, I'm around, as a khaki officer, I do desk work. Whenever they're booking someone, I'm there."

Judith Hansen

Lisa Sutton  
After the Hill she has had small parts including one episode of LA Law.

However she is a qualified acupuncturists and can still be found behind the cameras keeping the actors healthy

Officer Robin Tataglia
Lisa played one of six new recruits joining the Hill, during the third season (she is the only one that lasts).

She becomes Belker's girlfriend and ends up getting pregnant.

Betty Thomas 
The tall (she says six foot one) comic actress, finally found fame with a drama part in HSB, winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1985

Since leaving HSB she has become an accomplished Director / Producer in films like I Spy, Doctor Dolittle, The Brady Bunch Movie, the new Dallas and in 2009 will be on the new Chipmunk sequel.

Sgt. Lucille Bates
A tough street wise girl cop, who has a gentler sensitive side that sometimes slips out. She tries to defuse any concerns about her gender, by acting tough. Later she becomes a Sergeant and adopts a boy called Fabian, when his 'junkie' mum could not look after him

Usually paired (in all senses) with Officer Joseph "Joe" Coffey.

The Gentlemen

Gerry Black
Gerry took up acting when a voice coach suggested he had potential. This lead him eventual to a number of Shakespearian roles. He also had some success in the world of advertising commercials, an area where he is still active today.

As well as appearing on TV in shows like Starsky and Hutch, NYPD Blue, ER and The King of Queens, he is also credited with several movies.

Det Alf Chesley
Promoted to Lieutenant in the second series at Goldblume's expense, he is credited with 13 episodes mostly in the first season.

A very powerful actor with a gaze that holds you until he has said his line.

Taurean Blaque  
It seems very odd that this excellent actor has never made the 'big time'.

After HSB Taurean has been in the odd movie and has had supporting parts in TV series.

He is also active in the world of Theatre, but somehow has not yet had the big star role his talent deserves.

Det. Neal Washington
Played so brilliantly the partner and friend to J.D. LaRue.

A 'cool dude' and a joker, who could chew on a sliver of wood for hours. and was nearly always right about things.

However when he shoots an innocent man, he has a hard time adjusting to it, showing his sensitive side.

Robert Clohessy
His career really started with Hill Street, having done little before apart from fight in the 1975 Golden Gloves in Madison Square Garden. 

Since then he has been working almost non stop, appearing in a number of popular TV shows and movies

Officer Patrick Flaherty
Brought in for the last series as a new partner for  Sgt. Lucille Bates, after Joe's death. Grace Gardner returns to the Hill as Sister Chastity, she eventual gives in to his undoubted charm and tries to seduce him.

Michael Conrad
Michael won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Support Actor, for his short time in this role. He died from cancer in November 1983, aged just 58.

It was thought his role could not be filled by anyone and so a new duty Sergeant (Sgt. Jablonski), was cast to take his place.

Sgt. Phil (Freemason) Esterhaus
His 'roll call' was usually the start of each episode.

He was one of the most loved characters and his catch phrase was "Let's be careful out there" has endured down the years

The first time he said it is here 

Jon Cypher  

Born in New York and a live long Opera lover Jon stared acting in 1956 and had roles in Knots Landings and Dynasty, before joining HSB.

He is also well known as his role's in Major Dad and Santa Barbara and was in the Movie Masters of the Universe, Murder She Wrote, Tour of Duty and Walker Texas Ranger. 

Chief Fletcher P. Daniels.
The role of Chief of Police was one that Jon made his own A pompous self-opinionated  man, but he was also going to be one of life's survivors.

Throughout his time as Furillo's boss, he made the man's job so much tougher with his ability to listen intently to what Furillo has to say and then completely ignoring it.

Rene Enriquez  
Passed away in March 1990 of Pancreatic Cancer

Capt. Ray Calletano
A fiery 'Latino' Lieutenant  he often crossed swords with his colleagues, but never fell out with them. He later became a police captain.

One of the highlights of the series is when he serves at work, some tea sent by a relative, that was mixed with marijuana. As a result most of the station gets high

Dennis Franz 
Later worked again with Bochco and Caruso in NYPD Blue and after Caruso moved on many said he made the show his own. He also turned his hand to Writing, Producing and in recent years House Design.  

Det. Sal Benedetto
Lt. Norman Buntz
Dennis played Sal Benedetto, in the first series. He was written out of the program, but later returned playing Lt. Buntz (and we all pretended not to notice).

The character of Norman Buntz was kept alive after Hill Street stopped, in the spin off Beverly Hills Buntz (1987/8) in which Buntz becomes a Private Eye

Charles Haid  
Still acting, but also producing and directing TV Drama, including episodes of NYPD Blue.

He was booked for one episode but the executives at NBC had seen the strong connection with his partner Michael Warren and decided there was a future for the Hill and Renko team. 

Officer Andy Renko
The tough 'red neck' officer sometimes lets his temper get him into trouble. Quick to judge a situation, he often got it wrong, but underneath the tough exterior was a gentle and caring man.

His relationship with partner Bobby Hill was explored throughout the series and his catch phrase was "Lordy, Bobby Hill"

Dan Hedaya
So perfectly cast to play the sleazy 'bent cop' Macafee.

He went on to appear in a huge number of productions on both the big and little screen as well as stage.

He even had the 'honour' of being Carla's husband in Cheers!

Dec Sgt Ralph Macafee
A bent copper who causes  Furillo much aggravation, but finally is brought down.

He also sneaked back three years later for a single episode, to play a bum that is involved in a fight with Belker.

Robert Hirschfeld  
After Hill Street. Robert appeared in several TV series including Law & Order and the Sopranos.

He was also a published Food Critic.

Sadly he passed away in December, 2009.  This is a brief quote from a friend of his that says a lot about him: "Amazing guy, always the smartest in the room, heart of gold."

Officer Leo Schnitz
For 80+ episodes Robert played the lovable Leo Schnitz (the man that keeps the station house working).

For a short while there was romance in the air, between Desk Officer Natalie Deroy (Ellen Blake) who brought a sparkle into his life. It also brought a sparkle to the series, with viewers wondering if the bashful pair would get together.

Peter Jurasik
Peter is a American character actor, who in his own words has played "a number of fruits and nuts" throughout his acting career.

Like so many others he also turned up in Bochco's LA Law and NYPD Blue, but his most famous other role was as Londo Mollari in Babylon 5.

He also stared in the short lived series Beverly Hills Buntz with Dennis Franz.

Sidney (The Snitch) Thurston
Lt. Norman Buntz's top informant and sometimes friend.

Famously said "I am a snitch .... it's what I do"   

Vincent Lucchesi 
Vincent big break was HSB having started acting some five years earlier. He appeared in 15 episodes in total and later had parts in Cheers, The Incredible Hulk, Night Court and the movie Blue Collar.

In 1973 he had married Dean Martin's daughter Claudia Martin, but it only lasted a year. Claudia was previously married to Kiel Martin (LaRue) and had a son by him. 

Capt. Jerry Fuchs
Friend and confidant to Capt. Frank Furillo from Midtown Vice and Special Narcotics.


Ed Marinaro   

Ed Big' was a former Minnesota Vikings Running Back before going into Television.

He was only supposed to last four episodes before perishing, but his chemistry with Betty Thomas allowed him to last five seasons.
He went on to appear in Falcon Crest, Dynasty and Monk. 


Officer Joe Coffey
Ed was often teamed with  Lucille Bates and their friendship sometimes threatened to get in the way of the job, but never did.

During the series we find out he is a compulsive gambler and he finally loses his life when he stumbles on a robbery

Kiel Martin
Some say he did not act in HSB, just played himself. It is true that just like JD, Kiel was a recovering alcoholic and he was married 3 times (including to Dean Martins daughter Claudia), but they all ended in divorce after a couple of years.

He sadly died in 1990 of lung cancer, aged just 46 and was working to the end.  Obituary

 Det. Johnny (J.D.) LaRue
Kiel brilliantly played, the recovering alcoholic 'JD'. What many did not know at the time, was that he was in his real life as well.

Nicknamed 'Lover' by his partner Washington, because that was how he saw himself (although the ladies did not always agree).

Gary Miller
First TV role was playing Rick in Family Affair and he only seems to have had two other roles in total! 

He appeared in 20+ episodes, but was not always credited for some reason!

Officer Ballantine
The long suffering but 'Right Hand Man' to Lt. Howard Hunter.

Ken Olin  
Ken came late to Hill street blues and left before the end to appear in Falcons Crest. He will perhaps be best remembered for his staring role between 1987 and 1991 as Michael Steadman, in Thirty-something. He has also Produced and Directed a number of productions 

Det. Harry Garibaldi
Played a young good looking detective usually paired with the delectable detective Patsy Mayo, with whom he continually flirts. 

He was in some 27 episodes over 2 seasons

J.A. Preston
Being 6ft 2 inches J A has often ended up cast as a person of authority, like a Judge, Officer and Mayor. 

He has appeared in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, A Few Good Men, Air Force One. Dallas, 21 Jump Street and Lois and Clark: the New adventures of Superman.

Ozzie Cleveland
At the start of the series Ozzie is a Homicide Lieutenant. He rises to become Commander and by the end of the fourth series is Mayor

Robert Prosky
To replace Michael was an unenviable task for any actor, but Robert  was up to the job. Never trying to be Esterhaus, he filled the gap and slowly found his way into viewers hearts, in his own right.

He was offered the part of Coach in cheers, but turned it down because of other commitments.

He died just short of his 78th birthday in December 2008  An Appreciation Here

Sgt. Stanislaus 'Stan' Jablonski
Character actor Robert was brought in to replace the much loved actor Michael Conrad, when he died in 1984.

He brought his own catchphrase to the show "Let's do it to them before they do it to us:" This is used by many people to show how the attitude of police had changed in the eighties.

Nick Savage
Little seems to be documented about Nick's later life. He certainly 'crops up' playing small parts in series like Matlock, Knight Rider and Hunter, but seems to have stopped acting in 1991.  

James Logan
Belker's adversary, the bald pickpocket. Week after week he would be caught and booked, usually while Belker is taking a phone call from his mum. Each time he would use a different made up name like 'Curtis Interruptus'.

We only find out his real name when he lies dying in Belker's arms and asks him to phone his mum.

James B Sikking  
James had already had a successful career before his shrewd selection to the cast of HSB, although he would agrees it was this that made him a star and household name.

His career continues to today with James well into his seventies and still making films.

Lt. Howard Hunter
Often the brunt of many jokes Howard 'heads up' the EAT (Emergency Action Team) Squad  (today a SWAT team) and is always 'up for the fight' (even when there is none).

As the series develops so does Howard, who always listens to Furillo, even if it does sometimes take a while to agree.

Joe Spano.  
An excellent character actor He has appeared in many films and TV shows and worked again with Bochco in Murder One and NYPD Blue. recently has had a recurring role in "NCIS."

He is also involved with Children's Charities including Families with Children from China and Half the Sky Foundation and has two adopted Chinese children, Very active in theatre, he recently did a one-man show about Buckminster Fuller

Lt. Henry Goldblume
Was the exact opposite of Howard Hunter. A sensitive and deeply dedicated community affairs officer, he sometimes suffered as much as the victims he was helping.

He unexpectedly ends up a rich man when a mobsters wife dies and leaves him a fortune.

Jeffrey Tambor  
Born in 1944 California Jeff has been acting since 1977 and is always at his best when playing off-beat characters like Judge Wichtel, or many of the other rather odd authoritative figures he has played. He also had a recurring role in Bochco's LA Law

He has also been involved in a number of productions, as a voice actor and received four Emmy nominations for his performance  as Hank Kingsley, on The Larry Sanders Show. 

Judge Alan Wachtel
The bizarre character of Judge Wachtel was expanded through the series, often bring high comedy to the moment (do you remember him in a dress, smoking a pipe conducting a case?).

In all he appeared in over twenty episodes throughout the series.

Daniel J. Travanti
An almost perfect character part made him a star, although at times Mr Travanti  has given the impression, he does not appreciate what the program did for him (Perhaps one day we will hear from him on the subject)

Few can doubt his ability however and he went on to appear in numerous films and seems to enjoy stage working on the stage.

Capt. Francis Xavier Furillo
The boss of Hill Street and the guy who held everyone together. Nicknamed Pizza Man by his lover (and later wife) Joyce Davenport. His also a recovering alcholic.

Many people (the webmaster included) will happily admit that when one of  life's problems occurred, they would think "how would Frank handle this?"

Michael Warren  
Michael played basketball at UCLA for the legendary coach John Wooden, before becoming an actor.

He played on 2 NCAA title teams with Lew Alcindor, later Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as the star. (Info from Steve Kelman). Inducted into the Pac-10 Men's Basketball Hall of Honour in 2009.  

Officer Robert 'Bobby' Hill
Partnered with 'Cowboy' Renko, the two survived a first episode shoot out, by popular demand and went on to become 'mainstays' of the series.

His Ball skills were used in the series in a cops verses gang members basketball game, where Bobby takes the would-be game winner only to have a gang member in the crowd shoot the ball off the rim?

Bruce Weitz
Despite always being though of as Belker, Bruce has managed to build a career as the great actor he is.

He has had numerous other roles. Today he has almost left Belker behind and is know by a whole new generation as Anthony Zacchara from General Hospital.

Det. Mick Belker
For many of us, the 'other' star of the show. Belker is as tough as they get (except where his mum and sister are concerned).

Usually undercover, he is a great success because no one would believe he was a policeman. He was especially fond of  large white Alsatians!

George Wyner 
George stared his acting career in the early seventies and is still active today, having been a guest starred on over 150 TV show.  He was also cast by his friend  Bochco in Bochco's NYPD Blue and LA law.

Outside of HSB George is known for his role as Colonel Sandurs is the comedy Spaceballs. George has also appeared in Fletch and it's sequel Fletch Lives, American Pie 2. 

 Asst. D.A. Irwin Bernstein
The incorruptible  A.D.A. who refers to himself as"Mrs. Bernstein's son". He later becomes part of Furillo's Commission on Corruption.

Although on opposite sides Irwin is clearly attracted to Joyce Davenport and even risks a kiss  towards the end of the series. Soon after he moves to LA to enter private practice. 

The Gangs

David Caruso
Although he only had a small but recurring part in HSB he played it for all that he could and many people could see he had star potential This would later lead him to work again with Bochco and Franz in NYPD Blue.

This was of course followed by a string of Film and TV success, the latest being of course a ten plus years run in CSI: Miami

Tommy Mann
Leader of the Shamrock Gang Tommy was always as ready to listen as he was to fight.

His warm Irish smile could light up any Gang Conference. at least until Martinez realised he was not laughing with you, but at you!

Bobby Ellerbee
Bobby trained at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. After HSB he has managed to find the odd acting role in series like Knots Landing and the Fall Guy and from 2006 to 2008 he was the voice of the Sheriff in Squidbillies

Abdul Hussein
Leader of the Blood Gang

Trinidad Silva  
Killed in a car accident aged just 38  July 1988, while making the  film 'UHF'. The film was later dedicated to his memory.

Michael Warren Adds: Trini had just completed working on a television pilot (Home Free) that I helped create and produce in 1988 for NBC.  He was magnificent in it, as you probably can imagine because he was such a fine actor. His wife and his son survived the automobile accident. I believe Trini, was on the verge of becoming a big star.

Jesus Martinez
Leader of the Diablos and later to became a lawyer (Ehh, Frankie only in America!)

Jesus became a strong ally and friend of Frank, who could see his strengths and understood his position in the gang world.

Watch his first bust up with Frank -
The 'Garbage' clip     (Ehh! Frankie).

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