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Back then. Like many people born before the seventies (in my case well before), I would always set aside time, to watch the incredible Hill Street Blues. The words Armed Robbery in progress -See Surplus Store - Corner of people's drive and 124th street meant we were in for 50 minutes of intense entertainment. The Hill Street Blues Theme, adding to the excitement. It was first broadcast in 1981 and was entertainment like none of us around the world, had ever seen before. Although it did not register at the time, it was entertainment that would change television for ever. It received poor reviews in its first season and was often shifted around the scheduling of many TV companies, but the viewers themselves started to spread the word, that this was something very special.

If you have forgotten just what was so special about it and how well crafted it was, take a moment to watch this short clip (featuring Joyce and Fay) and remind yourself.

So why the website? In 2005 I was holidaying in the USA (from the UK where I live) and had the chance to go to Chicago. I knew that the famous Hill Street Precinct House was there, having been involved in an internet petition to save it from demolition some years earlier. However to my amazement, I was unable to find any worthwhile information about the building on the internet. What was even more incredible, was that I could not find any good Hill Street Blues dedicated websites. What little there was, seemed to have been neglected for years and the names Hill Street Blues dot tv, net or org, had never even been registered. The Hill Street Blues Cast seemed to have faired slightly better, with numerous cast list mentioning their part in the show. I have produced as a hobby a few websites, but decided that this is one that 'has to be done'. So in October 2005 I created and launched the Hill Street Blues website. Late in 2006 Fox Entertainment Group themselves (by now owners of the brand) also produced a very poor one, which we all watched hoping it would become a bit more than a launch platform for sales of their DVD's. However in 2008 it disappeared again , presumably because the DVD sales had not gone as well as they had expected. I am sorry to say that in those early days nothing I have ever seen about FOX had convinced me that they have the remotest idea what a popular and historically important 'little gem' they own. It is only recently (2014 and on) has there been any improvement. In fairness I may be wrong about this, getting media news in England is not the same as being in LA!

Can you help? If you have any good Pictures, Information, or Memories that need a virtual home, please share them with us. Were you involved in the series making? Were you there when Barbara Babcock opened her coat? Are you an enthusiast who has some free time to help research the series? Or perhaps you are just simply one of the many of use, who when we had to make an important decision in life, found ourselves thinking What would Frank do now? If so email me (link below). Also if you have a website, you can help by giving us a link back to (it all helps with our search engine rating). Lastly at this moment a few of the images used on this site, have been found on the internet, if you feel that any infringe copyright, please tell me and they will be removed.

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